What we offer;

  • Feasibility Study
  • Spa Concept & Design
  • Building & Interior design
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Operational Start-up
  • PR & Marketing
  • Product Development

Feasibility Study

  • Discuss the partner properties’ positioning strategy
  • Research market conditions and resort/spa statistics
  • Generate financial projections demonstrating the potential profitability of the project and the potential return on investment
  • In the first step, we need to have gathered the expectations of the “participants of the workshop”?

Spa Concept & Design

  • Formulate a unique concept/philosophy for the Spa
  • Prepare a Facilities and Services Brief

Building & Interior design

  • Prepare a Mechanical and Electrical Brief
  • Continue guidance throughout the building process with continuous liaison with all contractors and the client’s representatives

Recruitment & Training

  • Initiate recruitment of all Spa staff from Spa Manager to Attendants
  • Design and conduct initial training programs for all Spa staff
  • Provide ongoing skill-development programs

Operational Start-up

  • Formulate the Spa’s pre-opening plan & budget
  • Provide detailed equipment specifications for all areas within the Spa
  • Set up and integrate all information technology systems
  • Design the staffing structure
  • Create marketing and PR plans
  • Finalize Treatments and Programs for the Spa
  • Implement the Spa’s Total Quality Management System

PR & Marketing

  • Determine how best to promote awareness with Customer Relations Manger
  • Determine marketing strategies in close cooperation with the resort/partner
  • Formulate Spa media plan and advertising strategy with the resorts/partners
  • Design a plan of promotions and special packages
  • Provide continuous monitoring to ensure guest